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Zya Rana F6 - Taxation Prepare anywhere, anytime and, at your own pace. Dec 2020 - UK Variant - English

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10 May 2020 - 15 Dec 2020

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Course Content

14 chapters

126 lectures

1 Introduction

1-Introduction to TX Preview

2 Property Income

1 Sources of income and income tax liabilities Preview

2 Property income (Introduction and discussion of allowable expenses) Preview

3 Property income (Practice question-Allowable expenses) Preview

4 Property Income (Practice question-Replacement Furniture Relief) copy Preview

5 Property Income (Practice question- Calculating property income) Preview

6 Property income (Concept of taxable lease premium) Preview

7 Property income (Practice question-Taxable lease premium) Preview

8-Property income (Owner living time period - Concept and practice) Preview

9-Property Incone (Exam question - June 2004) Preview

10-Property Income (Concept of Rent-a-Room) Preview

11-Property Income (Practice question-Rent-a-Room) Preview

12-Property Income (Concept of furnished holiday letting) Preview

13-Property Income (Practice question-Furnished holiday letting) Preview

14-Property Income (Concept of accrual basis for property income) Preview

15-Property Income (Practice question-Accrual basis of property income) Preview

16-Property Income (Practice question-Accrual basis of property income) Preview

17-Property Income (Practice question-Accrual basis of property income) Preview

3 Employment Income

1-Employment Income (Intro + Concept of car benefit)

2-Employment Income (Example-Car benefit)

3-Employment Income (Practice question-Car benefit)

4- Fuel benefit & Practice question + Ancillary benefits of car

5- Practice Question 3 & 4-Car & fuel benefits + ITL

6-Accomodation benefit + Expensive accomodation + Ancillary benefits + PAYE

7-Practice questions-Accomodation & PAYE & Ancillary benefits

8-Loan benefit concept-Example & Question

9-Asset usage benefit & Practice question

10-Asset purchase benefit & Asset gift benefit

11-Practice question-Asset purchase benefit & Asset gift benefit

12-Van benefit & Van fuel benefit

13-Few other taxable benefits

14-Exempt benefits

15-(Practice question - Taxable and exempt benefits

16-Practice question - Taxable and exempt benefits

17-Employment Income (Treatment of Bonus & Practice question)

18-Employment Income (Deductions from employment income & Mileage allowance)

19-Employment Income (Summary of all above topics in employment income)

20-Employment Income (Practice question on deductions)

21-Employment Income (NICs in employment income )

22-Employment Income (PAYE system & Employment forms

4 Interest Income + Dividend Income

Interest Income (including exempt interest) + Dividend Income

5 Personal Allowance

Personal Allowance

6 Income Sheet For An Individual

1-Income Sheet For An Individual (Income sheet format + Q1a)

2-Income Sheet For An Individual (Q1b)

3-Income Sheet For An Individual (Q1c)

4-Income Sheet For An Individual (Q1d)

5-Income Sheet For An Individual (Q1e)

6-Income Sheet For An Individual (Q1f)

7-Income Sheet For An Individual (Q2)

8-Income Sheet For An Individual (Q3)

9-Income Sheet For An Individual (Q4)

7 Pension

1-Pension (Difference between Occupational and Personal pension)

2-Pension (Tax treatment of personal pension)

3-Pension (Example 1)

4-Pension (Example 2)

5-Pension (Benefits for Contributing in PPC & GAD - Comparing example 1 & 2)

6-Pension (Q1)

7-Pension (Q2)

8-Pension (Q3)

9-Pension (Maximum pension contribution - Higher of)

10-Pension (Annual allowance specific limit for pension contribution)

11-Pension (Examples - Annual allowance limit and tapering)

12-Pension (Example - Annual allowance limit with multiple requirements)

13-Pension (Question - Annual allowance limit with multiple requirements)

14-Pension (Question-Tapering of annual allowance limit)

15-Pension (Concept of AAC with example)

16-Pension (Question-AAC)

8 UK Residency

1-UK Residency (Concept of Residency)

2-UK Residency (Practice question)

ISA - Child Benefit - Transferable amount of PA - Family Income - Accrued Income Scheme


2-Child Benefit

3-Transferable Amount of Personal Allowance

4-Family Income

10 Trading Income

1-Trading Income (Factors Differentiating Employment & Self-Employment)

2-Trading Income (4 Adjustment to Accounting Profits to Find Tax Adjusted Profits)

3-Trading Income (Adjustment 1)

4-Trading Income (Adjustment 2)

5-Trading Income (Adjustment 3)

6-Trading Income (Adjustment 4)

7-Trading Income (Q1)

8-Trading Income (Q2)

9-Trading Income (Concept of Capital Allowances)

10-Trading Income (Capital Allowances-Q4)

11-Trading Income (Capital Allowances-Concept of AIA & Q4 again)

12-Trading Income (Capital Allowances on Motor Vehicles & Q5)

13-Trading Income (Capital Allowances For Less Than 12 Months A.C Period

14-Trading Income (Concept of Balancing Adjustment & Practice Question)

15-Trading Income (Concept of Privately Used Asset & Practice Question)

16-Trading Income (Concept of Short Life Asset & Practice Question)

17-Trading Income (Concept of Special Rate Pool & Practice Question)

18-Trading Income (Planning Strategy for allocating AIA & Practice Question)

19-Trading Income (Concept of Basis Period)

20-Trading Income (Business Started - Basis Period Rules)

21-Trading Income (Business Started Basis Period - Example - Step 1 2a & 3)

22-Trading Income (Business Started Basis Period - Question - Step 1 2a & 3)

23-Trading Income (Business Started Basis Period - Example - Step 1 2b & 3)

24-Trading Income (Business Started Basis Period - Question - Step 1 2b & 3)

25 – Trading Income (Business Started Basis Period - Question - Step 1 2b & 3)

26 – Trading Income (Business Started Basis Period - Example - Step 1 2c & 3)

27 – Trading Income (Business Started Basis Period - Question - Step 1 2c & 3)

28 – Trading Income (Business Started Basis Period - Q17)

29 – Trading Income (Concept of Business Cessation Basis Period)

30 – Trading Income (Business Cessation Basis Period - Q18)

31 – Trading Income (Business Cessation Basis Period - Q19)

32 – Trading Income (NICs Concept)

33 – Trading Income (Cash Basis Concept & Q20)

11 Partnerships

1 Introduction to Partnership

2 Reason for Preparing P.L Appropriation on Monthly Basis

3 PQ1

4 PQ2

5 PQ3

6 EQ Sep.Dec 2015

7 EQ Jun 2010

12 Losses of Individuals

1 Types of Losses For An Individual Person

2 Property Loss

3 Capital Loss

4 Trading Loss

5 PQ1

6 Trading Loss and Losses CAP Concept

7 PQ2

Revision Session

1-Revision Session (Day 1) Preview

2-Revision Session (Day 2) Preview

3-Revision Session (Day 3) Preview

4-Revision Session (Day 4 - Part 1) Preview

5-Revision Session (Day 4 - Part 2) Preview

6-Revision Session (Day 5) Preview

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